This is a guest blog authored by Autumn Brown, HR Specialist at ESC

Autumn’s Intern Experience at ESC


Before starting my internship at ESC, I was nervous since I had never worked in a small office setting. Upon arrival, I was given a tour of the office and introduced to all my new coworkers. I was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed with inclusivity, kindness, and respect. I started with small tasks and trainings to gain an understanding of the systems and databases that we use every day. I quickly got the hang of the basics and began assisting the HR Team and Benefits Department with different projects. Every day I had the opportunity to learn something new and there was never a time where I felt too under pressure to get my work done. My managers were very open and receptive to any questions or concerns I had regarding my projects or the internship as a whole. As a professional employer organization, ESC works with many clients, big and small. While assisting each Business Partner, I was able to learn more about our clients and their specialized needs, gaining an understanding of the ins and outs of human resources and client relationships. The projects I was assigned were engaging and educational; from compliance and unemployment to compensation and benefits, I acquired a generalized knowledge of how all the functions of human resources work together efficiently and effectively.

ESC makes it clear that they care about you outside of work. This is something that has helped me manage attending school full-time while working part-time. From day one they expressed how if I ever needed to switch my schedule, take a mental health day, or take off to study for an exam that was okay. Flexibility is very important to me, and working for an organization that values that is just as important. My direct managers and the intern coordinators made sure to check in on me every day. They offered advice and helped with anything I had going on inside and outside of work. I was never scared to ask questions. This benefitted me the most during my internship; It allowed me to gain a full scope of knowledge on whatever I was being trained or working on. I could not have asked for a better organization to learn all things HR and kick off my career. I am so happy to have been offered the opportunity to stay at ESC as an HR Specialist. I am excited to continue to work with an amazing group of individuals who value respect, responsibility, and integrity.