With Employee Appreciation Day right around the corner on March 1st, you still have time to plan something fun and thoughtful for your most valuable asset- your employees. No matter how big or small, a thoughtful act of kindness or gift to your employees will surely be appreciated. Feeling appreciated in the workplace promotes employee happiness and a positive company culture that can help you and your team continue being successful in the future. Your employees will know that their work and contributions do not go unseen, and they will feel more connected to the company.


Last year, ESC created a list of company swag items that employees could pick from. This was our way of showing our employees that we appreciated them and their contributions to our company each day. Recognition (or lack thereof) in the workplace can truly impact your employees positively or negatively. Lack of recognition is one factor that leads some employees to “quiet quit” at work. Review some examples and factors that lead to quiet quitting by reading our previous blog on the topic.


Simple ways to make your team feel valued every day:

  • Saying thank you: Show appreciation for the small asks and tasks that they may help you with on a daily basis. This can be done either verbally or written in a note.
  • Giving an employee a shoutout on your company’s website or LinkedIn page.
  • Investing in professional development programs: Provide your employees access to online programs that offer courses on various skills and certifications so that you can improve your employee’s skills and bring your company further.
  • Asking for feedback: Providing your team with a regular opportunity to provide feedback is a great way to gain insight into their experiences, thoughts, and concerns in the workplace. This allows leadership to review and discuss how to address any concerns when they are first noted.
  • Create a recognition program for your employees to recognize each other and the great things they do every day.
  • Buy your team lunch: It’s a small gesture that can bring a smile to your team’s face. Whether you order lunch in or take the team out of the office for a while, its a chance for everyone to connect and take a break.
  • A gift they’ll use every day: Do your employees drink coffee on the road daily- maybe a travel mug would be a great gift for them. Or maybe your employees use planners and notepads daily- perhaps a quality planner with everything in it to help them stay organized.
  • A Cash Bonus: If your budget allows, perhaps a bonus fund for Employee Appreciation Day can be created. Whether it is $50 or $100, your employees will appreciate this.
  • A Bonus PTO Day: Your employees would have a bonus PTO day to take for themselves, no strings attached.


The Three Pillars of Employee Engagement

At ESC, there are three pillars of employee engagement that we stand by: recognition and appreciation, a sense of community, and having good relationships with managers. These 3 items are important factors for your company’s longevity, reputation, and success in retaining great employees. By focusing on these three things each day, you are working towards and maintaining a supportive and well-connected environment for you and your employees.


If you and your team are searching for ways to improve your company culture, ESC can help you. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses improve their culture, retain employees, and improve employee engagement. Please contact us to learn how we can help you with your needs.