This is a guest blog post from our friends at Compeer Buffalo and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erie, Niagara, & the Southern Tier

“Mentoring Unveiled” – Raising Awareness about the Power of Mentorship

Big Brothers Big Sisters and Compeer Buffalo Work Together to Help More Local Youth

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erie, Niagara and the Southern Tier and Compeer Buffalo are working together to raise awareness about the powerful impact of mentorship and the urgent need for mentors for local youth. With the support of MENTOR NY, the two groups are hosting a free, live webinar – “Mentoring Unveiled” – on Tuesday, February 13 from 12-1pm to debunk mentoring myths, explain the role of a mentor, and explore the incredible impact volunteers can have on young lives. Register for this webinar here:

Today, one in three kids in America are growing up without a sustained, positive adult mentor in their lives. Locally, the need for youth mentorship is critical. The gap between mentorship and youth who need it most continues to widen due to perceived barriers of the time and expertise needed to become a mentor.

Big Brothers Big Sisters and Compeer Buffalo are excited to work together to inspire more people in the community to take the first step to learn more about becoming a mentor. The goal of “Mentoring Unveiled” is to shift perceptions of mentorship and redefine the little everyday moments that can make a big impact on the lives of young people—time already spent going to a movie, sharing a slice of pizza, or getting coffee.

“At Compeer, we know that friendship has the power to change lives. Our volunteers spend just a few hours a month visiting and sharing everyday experiences with their matches, and in turn, make a monumental impact in reducing feelings of loneliness.” Cheri Alvarez, Chief Executive Officer for Compeer of Greater Buffalo.

“We realize that the concept of mentoring and what it takes to be a mentor can sound huge,” says Emily Mahoney, Chief Executive Officer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erie, Niagara and the Southern Tier, “but the truth is, it takes little to be Big. Mentoring is all about the little moments that have a big impact on the life of a child.”


To learn more about becoming a mentor, or other ways to get involved:

Big Brothers Big Sisters – call (716) 873-5833 or go online to 

Compeer Buffalo – call (716) 883-3331 or go online to


For decades, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erie, Niagara and the Southern Tier has ignited the power and promise of local children through their one-to-one mentoring program. The children enrolled are more confident and have a stronger sense of what they can achieve in the future. They also have more positive attitudes towards school and 99% of them are promoted to the next grade, including graduating high school. Anyone interested in becoming a Big can do so at

Since 1985, Compeer Buffalo has been providing social support in the form of friendships, to individuals (age 6 and up) who are striving for mental wellbeing. We know that friendship decreases loneliness and isolation, therefore we offer 1:1 friendship, social engagement activities, school-based mentoring, and mental health education in our community. To get involved with Compeer, visit our website at