Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Available in Western New York

A four-day, face-to-face course in a classroom setting, designed for professionals looking for a systematic way to drive improvement initiatives within their organizations

Class Date:  December 10 – 13, 2019
Location:  The Westin Buffalo, 250 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202

Meliora Consulting is pleased to offer it’s Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Green Belt Training course, right here in Buffalo. Understanding the core principles of Six Sigma will help individuals lead projects and drive sustainable, data-driven change and improvement to their businesses.

Six Sigma methodologies are used within some of the world’s most successful companies, including Amazon, Toyota, and Target to name a few. The principles of Six Sigma are scalable and can be implemented in organizations of any size and any industry.

Meliora has delivered LSS Green Belt training live to over 1,000 students across 3 continents.

Course Features

 Classroom training taught in-person by a team of LSS Master Black Belt instructors over 4 days
 Multiple interactive exercises designed to teach and apply a wide range of Six Sigma concepts and tools
 Hands-on experience with real-world projects, incorporating those that participants may identify from their own organizations
 Electronic and physical course books and templates for use during and after training
 Preparation for participants to lead improvement projects within their own organizations and while past returns do not guarantee future outcomes, typical Green Belt projects provide an average positive financial impact of $50,000 – $250,000 to a business’s bottom line

Six Sigma Training

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