“Working with ESC has allowed us the time to focus on our big picture efforts at MHA. They not only support us through HR and Payroll, but in our commitment to promoting mental health and wellness in our community. Every member of their team works exceptionally hard to understand our needs and find solutions. The ESC team has been an absolute asset to our company.”

As the leader of a nonprofit with one part-time and four (4) full-time employees, ESC makes my role as chief administrator more manageable. The support on multiple fronts is incomparable. My ESC contacts readily respond to inquiries on our organization’s specific HR needs while proactively keeping us up to date on issues like State policy changes, necessary edits for our employee handbook, and other compliance matters. The time and cost savings we realize through our ESC-sponsored insurance plans and 401k program make us a more competitive employer.

“ESC’s people are truly experts! ESC’s Human Resources consultants have become a key component for our management team. ESC has created a win-win for employees and the company. It is the ideal relationship.”

“Compu-Mail, LLC’s relationship with ESC began over two decades ago, and throughout this time, they have consistently demonstrated their commitment to providing us with top-notch HR and payroll solutions. This enduring collaboration has been instrumental in our company’s growth and operational excellence.  ESC’s services have not only been reliable but have also evolved to meet the changing needs of our organization. Their expertise in human resources and payroll management has allowed us to streamline our internal processes, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in all aspects of our workforce management. ESC’s knowledgeable and dedicated team has been a valuable resource, offering timely guidance and support to address any challenges we’ve encountered along the way. Furthermore, our long-term partnership with ESC has allowed us to focus on our core business activities, confident in the knowledge that our HR and payroll needs are in capable hands. This collaboration has undoubtedly contributed to our success and growth over the years.”

In designing our internal continuous improvement system, driving key projects, and developing best-in-class training programs; Mike Bauer, now of Meliora, was a tremendous asset to the PES team. During our 4 years together, I personally came to rely on his expertise, vision, and tenacity to drive significant financial and cultural improvements in our business.

“I stepped into an executive capacity for an organization that was outsourcing their HR and employment administration to ESC.  Before that, I was not familiar with the PEO model.   Now that I’ve been working with them, the efficiency of the integrated HR, payroll & benefits model is invaluable to my organization.   I wouldn’t run an organization or business without them! “

“ESC’s human resources and outsourcing experts have made the administration of our industry an effortless component. ESC’s services, like payroll and benefit administration, have always been flawless and a quick ROI for us. Their human resources consulting services and management education have actually resulted in an increase in employee retention and stability! ESC has delivered the areas ‘best practices’ to us and has made ESC an immeasurable success for our company and employees!”

“As New York State’s largest professional regional theatre, being a not-for-profit agency is particularly challenging. The resources ESC provides has been instrumental in helping us succeed. We are able to offer our employees professional HR services that we would never be able to provide on our own. ESC works with us on HR compliance, provides expert training on a multitude of subjects, and mentors our employees, which has increased staff morale. Their team of experts allows our staff to be the best that they can be.”

“As a local non-profit organization, ESC provides a level of expertise and experience that is invaluable to our operations. We feel that the team at ESC is an extension of our staff and partners in our mission. We trust that they have our best interest at heart and do everything they can to make our work successful. ESC has provided services to us in a way that makes having professional HR support, compliance monitoring, and payroll services attainable for our organization. We are so grateful to have the folks at ESC working alongside of us here at Habitat Buffalo!”

“I-Evolve provides outsourced technology solutions, so we understand the value of leaving the ever-changing complexities of HR to the professionals at ESC.  The entire team of specialists at ESC has been side by side with I-Evolve working hard to help us manage the intricacies of our most precious resource – Our people!  As I-Evolve continues to grow, it’s comforting to know we have the experts at ESC with us every step of the way.”

Kevin P. Kelly | President, IEvolve