Solutions that benefit everyone.

Employee benefits are more than just perks of the job. In today’s world, your workforce relies on the benefits your company provides for their health and financial wellbeing. At the same time, businesses must confront rising healthcare costs and complex regulatory changes. At ESC, we understand this complicated balance, and our experienced Benefits team, along with our ACA officer, will work diligently to find the benefits package that keeps everyone happy.

Benefits procurement and enrollment.

After a thorough assessment of your company and needs, we’ll tailor a Fortune 500-level benefits package with a wide range of cost-effective solutions. Then we’ll make the enrollment process as stress-free as possible for both your employees and the HR team.

A sampling of our benefits services:

  • Procurement of all employee benefit plans
  • Administration and remittance of 401(k) and other retirement plans
  • Administration, reconciliation, and remittance of health and other insurance plans
  • Administration of statutory disability insurance
  • Provision of pre-tax programs

Employee communications.

It’s normal for your employees to have questions about their benefits. But handling every request can place a tremendous burden on your team. At ESC, we keep your employees informed and educated, and will jump in to handle any situation that arises.

A sampling of these services:

  • Maintain plan descriptions
  • Employee benefits help desk
  • COBRA notification, processing, claims management

Recordkeeping and compliance.

The task of administrating your benefits plan is complex and ever-changing. Let us handle the day-to-day responsibilities and keep you apprised on the latest regulatory changes.

A sampling of these services:

  • Provide plan testing and reporting
  • Reconcile benefit accounts
  • Monitor benefit plan discrimination
  • Custom benefits reporting
  • Manage plan audits

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