New York State Department of Labor has recently published the minimum hourly wage increase to become effective January 1, 2024. They have also released regulations for the corresponding increase to the salary exempt threshold for those exempt from overtime under the administrative or executive exemption, which is expected to be finalized. 


NY State Minimum Salary Threshold 

New York has also published anticipated increases through January 1, 2027, with additional annual increases adjusted for inflation:  

*Future rates are based on proposed regulations from the New York State Department of Labor that are expected to be finalized. 


NY State Minimum Hourly Wage 

The new hourly minimum wage rate for New York State, outside of New York City will become $15.00 per hour. The state has also released future increases through January 1, 2026: 

To review more information on New York State’s minimum wage, please click here. 

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