balance-business-cobblestone-279470_pexels7 Ways to Exhibit Managerial Courage

What is managerial courage? Most managers know the answer. Most employees know the answer. It’s telling the truth. It’s being open, honest, direct, and timely. Employees deserve the truth so they can work on their issues and problems and ultimately have more control over their career.

Managerial courage is tactfully dispensing direct and actionable feedback. It is being open and direct with others without being intimidating. When you have managerial courage, you deal with people, problems, and situations head-on.

Walk the talk. Develop and communicate your vision, strategy and behavioral expectations.

Create a safe environment. Your employees should be able to call you or their colleagues on bad behaviors. Make your organization a learning environment rather than a punitive one.

Listen to your gut. Your internal messaging system is generally on the mark.

Organization first. Work toward the good of the organization. Avoid personal agendas.

Coach, don’t boss. Know the difference between being a coach and a typical boss. Give helpful and constructive feedback. Help employees set and achieve goals. Encourage creativity and productivity.

Turn the negative to positive. Learn to deal with difficult employees and turn those relationships into something more productive and positive.

Value healthy behaviors. Focus on behaviors that can increase employee retention. Trust, respect and empower employees.
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