ESC believes in the employer’s responsibility to create a supportive, respectful, and inclusive work environment. In such a workplace, everyone feels that they are a part of the organization and its mission, and all workers are respected for the value they add to the organization. 

Here are some ways your organization can be more inclusive and supportive to the LGBTQ+ community: 

  • Create a function in the organization dedicated to diversity and inclusion, if one does not already exist. 
  • Begin to support or follow programs of research examining issues and trends related to and of importance to the community. 
  • Become more familiar with LGBTQ+ issues and interests by reading posts and blogs online or by attending educational events. 
  • Build an LGBTQ+ community of interest or networking program at your workplace. 
  • Promote open dialogue and discussion in your workplace around issues related to diversity and inclusion. 
  • Ensure that your organization has a no-tolerance policy regarding discrimination of any kind and make attendance in non-harassment training mandatory. 

We hope you will join us not just today, not just in the month of June, but all year round in promoting inclusive work environments.