Last Friday, March 3rd, ESC celebrated Employee Appreciation Day. This year, ESC employees received the option to select a piece of ESC branded apparel. Available items included shirts, a backpack, or a lunchbox; meaning our employees will be representing our company in style!

One reason we recognize Employee Appreciation Day is that we know we wouldn’t be as successful without them on our team. In fact, our employees are the reason why we made it on WNY’S Best Places to Work list! Our employees participated in an anonymous survey that asked them how their role at ESC makes them feel, as well as their overall happiness working here.

Reviewing the results of the survey clarified what our employees enjoyed about ESC. We noted that our employees appreciated our initiative to recognize their work- actions such as recognizing employees were noted as positive. The survey also noted that our company’s flexibility provides our employees the opportunity to meet their personal and professional needs. When asked to describe ESC in a few words, many of our employees noted that ESC is “Fun,” “Supportive” and “Collaborative”- words that we work and live by each day! We are honored to have been acknowledged as one of WNY’s Best Places to Work, and we wouldn’t have done it without our employees!

Referring back to our last blog post on Employee Appreciation Day, we mentioned the three pillars of employee engagement: recognition and appreciation, a sense of community, and having good relationships with managers. These three items can be improved upon each day in your company. Having these pillars in place as a foundation of your company’s work culture creates a welcoming and supportive workplace that will support your company’s longevity and employee retention in the long run.