Business people joining handsEmployee Surveys and Feedback

An employee satisfaction survey can be a great way to obtain employee feedback and suggestions to guide your decision-making about potential changes that can improve employee engagement, morale, and productivity. However, managers should be aware that their approach in obtaining and using employee feedback can actually do more harm than good if not done in the right way. Below are some tips from ESC’s HR team.



 Consider utilizing a third party to conduct an employee engagement survey. Often employees may feel more comfortable expressing concerns to a neutral party.

 Share with employees the action steps that will be taken once the results of a formal survey are analyzed.

 Practice an open-door policy where employees feel safe from retaliation so that they are comfortable expressing their questions or concerns.

 Encourage and consider suggestions from employees on a regular basis. Give recognition and positive feedback to those who provide it.



 Conduct a formal employee survey unless you are prepared to address any potential concerns or suggestions that employees share.

 Ignore trends in employee suggestions, exit interview results, and formal survey results. Making small changes could greatly impact your bottom line.


Are you an ESC client? We would be happy to work with you directly on this process to ensure that the steps taken are appropriate for your business and for what you are looking to accomplish.