As the Great Resignation (also referred to as the Great Reshuffle) continues, another 4.53 million Americans quit their jobs in March. The best way to retain talent continues to be connecting with and listening to employees. Many employers are hearing their employees loud and clear – working from home is better for their mental health, and remote work would not only make them happier, but they would be willing to take a pay cut or leave their employer to keep working remotely. 

  • 81% of workers at home are more productive than at the office. 
  • Virtual workers are more satisfied than their in-office co-workers. 
  • 75% of employees say a flexible or virtual work arrangement would cause them to choose one job over another. 

Organizations should revisit remote work policies that were hastily put into place when the pandemic began in 2020, utilizing input from employees. Ensuring policies are both practical for employers and appealing for employees will go a long way in increasing employee morale and retention.