InterviewInterviewing Tips from our HR Professionals

As part of ESC’s HR University, our HR team offers training and support for our customers in the area of recruitment and interviewing skills. Our HR Consultants have extensive experience in this area from their time at ESC as well as in their previous positions.  Consequently, they are often asked what to look for in a successful candidate. Below are some some of their tips.

Research the Company

Your candidate should have researched the company beforehand. Ideally, if they are applying for position in your company, they should have done some background research before they even submitted an application. In effect, this shows that they are interested in the company itself as opposed to just finding any old job.

Professional Phone Etiquette

Does your candidate have professional voicemail and phone etiquette? With this in mind, consider calling them to set up an interview as opposed to email.  This may give you an opportunity to make sure their outbound message is professional and their phone etiquette is acceptable.

Appropriate Dress

Your candidate should be dressed to impress. In general, business attire is a must; jeans are almost never acceptable.

Show Engagement

Your candidate should ask you a few questions.  Accordingly, this  shows that they are engaged, interested in the position, and are trying to determine if it is a good fit.

Be Prompt

Did your candidate arrive on time or a few minutes early? They should have allowed enough time for minor traffic issues and any direction mishaps.

Focused on Business

Business related conversation is a must.  For example, if you ask your candidate where they see themselves in five years, “happily married and living in a beach house” is not the best answer. While that is a fine personal goal, you are looking for a career-related goal.