Outsource or HireYou Know it’s Time to Outsource HR When…

By Lauren Kersten, HR Manager

ESC has been working with for-profit and non-profit organizations of various sizes and industries for over 20 years. During the conversion process, we find that many of our new clients have things in common that helped them make the decision to outsource. If you find yourself relating to some or all of the points in this article, it would be a smart choice to meet with some potential HR outsourcing companies (we know a good one!) to determine how outsourcing can make your business more successful and your life easier.

It might be time to consider outsourcing HR when…

…your employee handbook, marked with revisions, has been sitting on your desk since 2007

You have good intentions, but without someone to hold you accountable, updating your handbook seems to always drop to the bottom of your priority list. An updated handbook is an important document that not only helps guide new and existing employees on your policies and practices, but helps protect your company when faced with an unemployment claim, employment-related lawsuit, and more. A good HR outsourcing company will make this important but sometimes daunting task faster and easier for you by providing you with the most up-to-date state and federal policies and then incorporating your company-specific policies into a handbook that can be put into practice quickly.

…you aren’t able to focus on your business because you spend too much time handling employee issues

Your supervisors haven’t been trained on how to effectively manage their employees, and everyone seems to come to you when there’s a problem. If you can relate, look for an HR outsourcing company that can provide managerial training and assist with handling difficult employee situations to help produce the best outcomes for the company and the staff.

…your employees are telling you that they want better benefits but your organization is too small to offer them

Some HR outsourcing companies will offer a wide range of benefits that your employees can take advantage of, and handle the administrative piece as well. You’ll save time and money by having field experts find the best options for your business and act as a resource to employees when they have questions.

…you can’t afford to hire a full-time experienced HR professional, and you are overwhelmed with the ever-changing labor laws

Your e-mail inbox is flooded with subscription updates on EEO, NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, FMLA, and wage & hour law. You can call a labor law attorney but you know it’s going to cost you, so you often don’t bother. By outsourcing HR, you have access to experienced HR professionals who can tell you what you need to do to be in compliance, and guide you with appropriate forms and policies to help you do so.

At a company of any size, employees are the most valuable asset. Ensuring that the HR function is a key part of your business, whether you outsource or build your team internally, is imperative to maximize bottom-line results.