shutterstock_370390046_business meetingSexual Harassment Prevention Starts with Cultural Change

Creating and maintaining a harassment-free workplace is not just a legal priority but is also essential for a healthy workplace.  There has been a lot of focus on sexual harassment in the media recently, however, there are broader underlying issues to address as well, such as gender equality and creating an overall culture of inclusion.

Value statements or policies do not  define an organization’s culture.  Culture is about the way things are done day to day.  It is established slowly, not learned through the employee handbook.  Employees are exposed to culture through their observations in the workplace and their conversations with co-workers.

It is important to offer thoughtful, well designed anti-harassment training.    ESC recommends providing Non-Harassment training to all management and employees at least once per year.  Your HR consultant can facilitate this.

Unfortunately, relying solely on rules, education and training to prevent or address sexual harassment is not enough.  Employers should also establish a healthy culture by taking swift action, and being practical about people and their relationships with one another.

If your organization would like help facilitating Non-Harassment training and creating a culture of inclusion, please contact us.