Business people joining handsImprove Your Business with a People Plan

You probably have a business plan for 2019.  Are your most important assets, your employees, tied in?  Actively engaged employees account for  only 34% of the workforce (Gallup). Engaged employees love their jobs.  They care about their company,  contribute, believe in the mission, feel their job uses their strengths — and work to make their organization better every day.

Non-engaged employees account for 53% of the workforce while actively dis-engaged account for  13% (Gallup). This  means that the majority of your employees are not performing to their full potential. In fact, some of them could be so disengaged they are spreading their negativity to others.  This results in poor employee morale, high turnover, unnecessary “drama” and decreased bottom-line results for your business.  The following are just a few examples of how you can prevent your business from reflecting these concerning statistics:

  • Equip your leadership team and managers with the proper skills by continuously exposing them to professional development opportunities;
  • Update policies & procedures and effectively communicating them so that employees are all on the same page;
  • Deliver consistent positive and constructive feedback to all employees so that they know where they stand;
  • Promoting a culture of accountability within the entire organization

What can you do to improve your business in 2019?

It is never too late to make these positive changes, and commitment to these goals starts with YOU.  If you are already an ESC client, contact your HR Consultant for more information on how ESC can help make your job easier and your business more successful.  We will work with you to create the perfect PEOple plan for your organization.