Quiz Corner: Overtime Pay

Can You Refuse to Pay Unauthorized Overtime? Q: Can an employer refuse overtime pay for an employee if the company policy clearly states that overtime must have prior management approval? A:  Employees who clock in and out in order to be paid are usually nonexempt and only paid for the hours they work.  Even if the … Continued

Benefits Employees Value

Importance of Traditional Benefits on the Decline It looks like the benefits employees value most may be changing.  According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), employees are expected to place less value on some of the more traditional benefits such as health care, retirement programs and leave .   Instead, employees are predicted to place … Continued

Seminar: Achieving High Performance with HR Best Practices

What Every Employer Needs to Know Employer Services Corporation hosted a breakfast seminar on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at Giancarlo’s Restaurant. The seminar focused on HR best practices for business owners and organizations across multiple industries. HR Best Practices:  Overview It’s no secret that in this day & age, a dynamic corporate culture matters and will … Continued

Employee Onboarding

  Employee Onboarding: Making New Staff Feel Welcome Each year, 25% of the population makes some kind of career change. The onboarding process that new employees experience is crucial to their future success, and will ultimately save you dollars from your bottom line when you see a reduction in turnover. Below are some things to … Continued

Quiz Corner: Holiday Pay

Quiz Corner Q:    Are employers required to provide holiday pay to part-time employees? A:    It depends. Employers aren’t obligated to pay any hourly non-exempt employee for holidays they do not work; however some employers voluntarily do so. Often times, companies will offer paid holidays to only full-time employees but some also have paid holidays … Continued

Employer Services Corporation Announces New Marketing Specialist

Buffalo, NY – December 2016 Employer Services Corporation (ESC), a leading Professional Employment Organization (PEO), recently announced that Laura Del Monte has joined the company’s business development team as marketing specialist. Del Monte will be responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies and tactics that drive growth. In addition she will help overall brand development … Continued

Welcome to The HR Hub

Welcome to The HR Hub, the Employer Services Corporation (ESC) HR blog. For this inaugural post, we’d like to introduce ourselves and share a little bit about our company, our team, and the purpose of this blog. ESC is an outsourced HR Firm headquartered in Amherst, NY with a branch in Rochester, NY. The company … Continued

Engage your Staff: Employee Surveys and Feedback

Engage Your Staff Employee Surveys and Feedback An employee satisfaction survey can be a great way to obtain employee feedback and suggestions to guide your decision-making about potential changes that can improve employee engagement, morale, and productivity. However, managers should be aware that their approach in obtaining and using employee feedback can actually do more harm … Continued